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Water has no flag - Christi Belcourt

Publié par La Caravane des Sources

Water has no flag - Christi Belcourt

Water has no flag
Water knows no race

The earth's belly grew
of sun and moon 
and stars
until her waters broke 
and all of creation 
took its first breath
crying out "glorious is life" into the four directions

And for a million moons
and a million cycles around the sun 
she danced, 
birthing beings as miraculous as the stars,
while the sun and moon
danced like jewels 
on the surface of her seas
and all of creation sang in unison "glorious is life"

For a million moons 
and a million cycles around the sun, 
all drank from the shores of her veins,
all whose bones returned to her flesh
all who come from her
all here now
carrying within them all who ever was
and all who will ever be.

Our mother
whose waters broke on that first day and made song possible.

We sing now for you
To you
For you 
Drumming to your heartbeat
with nothing left to give but our bones and flesh as an offering
so that we too can drink in life from the shores of your veins 
for another million moons 
and another million cycles around the sun


Christi Belcourt