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HAÎTI ... message de Masaru Emoto

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Urgent Message from Dr. Masaru Emoto regarding Haiti Quake

"What I Think Regarding Haiti Quake"

I would like to express my sincere sympathy for the victims of Haiti quake that struck on the 12th of January, 2010.

Approximately 90 years ago, in 1923, there was the earthquake called the Great Kanto Earthquake, in Tokyo as well, and around150 thousand people became its victims. My grandfather, grand-uncle, and grand-aunt, the total of three people died due to this quake. I think the scale of Haiti quake is, in terms of the numbers of victims, about the same, so when I saw the news on Haiti quake, I did not feel like it was someone else's issue. I would like to express my heartfelt sorrow for them.

This century, there have been occurring earthquakes that creates many victims and large damages one after another. Why they occur seems to be because the active faults move. Then how do they occur? And are they something unpredictable? Or if I can say more, are they inevitable? As the person who has been studying water for a long time, I would like to state a hypothesis about them from the perspective of water.

There are various active faults such as hard faults and soft faults. And I assume that because there are faults, and due to the slides and slips of faults, there occur earthquakes. How do such faults exist? Since I am not the expert of the geological science, I am not very sure, but it is said that the factors how the faults are made are "wind and water". It seems that various faults are produced depending on the amount of water of the time or the strength and direction of wind that carry water.

If so, I feel that an earthquake prediction and/or preventing earthquakes cannot be done perhaps because the research on water has not been conducted yet almost at all. In other words, as I have been saying that "water retains memory" in this past 20 years, and if this becomes the common sense in the scientific community, I think that the understanding of earthquake's mechanisms and foretastes will deepen more. I truly hope and ask that seismologists around the world please do the study on the theme; water and earthquake.

What I have been saying for these 20 years is that "water retains information". And the information which affects water the most is people's mind. It functions as if water were the mirror of our heart. I don't think that water deep underground is not an exception, and believe that the state of energy of such water becomes as if it is reflecting the mind of people who live on the ground.

What I think is that an earthquake may occur due to the disparity in energy level of water in faults. The greater the disparity is, the stronger the quake may become.

There were earthquakes in the Indian Ocean off Sumatra and in the Philippines, and this time in Haiti. If my assumption stated above is correct, I would think that they occurred because the energy level of people who live in those areas, on those grounds, may be low, and that the energy level of economy in such areas may be very low. The way to alleviate the present disastrous situation in Haiti would be monetary donation, because money is the energy that has the same property as water.

Because the energy level of water was low, there occurred the earthquake. The best way in order to raise it that I think would be for the neighboring countries and people around the world to send money to Haiti. It's desirable that there already are such movements lead by the United Nations, other organizations, United States and other countries, despite the sufficiency of the amount. Therefore, I would like to ask you, especially people who are capable, please donate through reliable public organizations.

Another thing that we can do is to send our prayers and thoughts of "love and gratitude" for people and water in Haiti. As I have already reported on the experiments in my books, "MESSAGE FROM WATER" and "HIDDEN MESSAGES IN WATER", our intentions and thoughts do reach the places no matter how far they are. Presently, due to the tremendous chaos of right after the strong quake, water in Haiti must be in the very ugly form in terms of their crystals. Also it is possible to foresee that there occur secondary disasters such as having to fight over little water left to drink. As you can imagine, the situation is that a large-scale infectious disease can be caused, so we would like to pray, even remotely, for them so that such outbreak will not occur and so that the local water will make a speedy recovery and form beautiful water crystals very soon. How can we do it? It's by sending our thoughts of "Love and Gratitude" to water in Haiti.

Haiti Love GratitudePlease write "Love and gratitude to water in Haiti" and glue it on the bottle of water as you can see in the picture to the right and send your thoughts of love and gratitude to the water inside the bottle.

I would like to ask you please do it every morning and evening if you can. As you may know already, "Love and Gratitude" (picture right) are the words that create the most beautiful water crystals.

From my own experiences, it is also the vibration that improves immunity to the highest level as well. And water is connected to other waters in the world. So, if you offer prayers to the bottle of water on which you wrote "water in Haiti" should be transmit to water in Haiti instantaneously.

On January 31st, 2010, "Water Ceremony with Prayer for World Peace" with love and gratitude will be held at the riverside of the Hudson in New York. I would like many people to come and participate in this even on this day, and for people who are not able to come and join, please send "love and gratitude" to water in the Hudson River. http://ameblo.jp/shamballah-in-ny

As a consequence, the water that received the prayers of love and gratitude from all over the world at this water ceremony will be sent to the event held at Lake Biwa in Japan entitled "Water and Peace Global Forum 2010 at Lake Biwa" which I will organize on Mach 20th, 21st, and 22nd (the 22nd of March is the World Water Day designate by the United Nations). The water will be set under the Golden Pyramid at this event and several healers will offer prayers for the world peace. At the same time, the Great Ajari Genshin Fujinami, a Japanese ascetic priest who went through a puritanical training called "1000-day Kaihougyo" will offer a long prayer. Along with the pyramid effect, I'm sure that the vibrations of such prayers will go to the entire universe and resonate, and will return.

(Note: "1000-day Kaihougyo" is a very strict puritanical training. "Kai" means to circle, "hou"is the sumit and "gyo" means training. It is the training of walking through mountains that continues for a thousand days within 7 years. In Kaihougyo, the priest walks 40 Km to 80 Km in Mt. Hiei from 1:00am to 6:00pm every day. Once you start, you are not permitted to take a rest even if you are sick or injured. In case you fail to complete even one day of training, there is a tacit understanding that you must put an end to your own life. After completing the 700th day, the ascetic priest will begin the rigorous exercise in which the priest stays in the temple for 9 days without drinking, eating, sleeping, or lying down.)

Please see the website below for further information on the Water and Peace Global Forum: http://www.hado.net/seminars/index.php

Official Website of Lake Biwa Event (Under construction)

It is really scary when we think about various disasters that may occur in the future, especially we never know when and where earthquakes will hit. There said to be active faults in 120 places in the world, and they say that it is not surprising even if the faults become active anytime, anywhere, and earthquakes can occur any time and any place. It is absolutely necessary that we send love and gratitude to water under ground of those places of the world so that those active faults will stay calm for some time.

During this 3-day event of Water and Peace Global Forum, we are pleased that we can send our thoughts of love and gratitude with all participants and people around the world to the victims of Haiti quake and to groundwater of all other places.

Masaru Emoto
Water Missionary