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Child of the Water (Navajo-Dineh song)

Publié par Minthé


Mise en ligne le 1 juin 2008

A traditional Navajo song for water, sung by Camille Manybeads.

Inspired by Radmilla Cody.

blb42069il y a 4 ans

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tabaaha92il y a 6 ans

woops, i meant "nahasdzaanii ei biyazhi nishli" haha, my bad...

tabaaha92il y a 6 ans

ok, so "biyazhi ei nishli' means "i am the child of.."... like when she says "nahasdzaanii ei nishli', she says " i am a child of the earth (nahasdzaan)" and then the rest of the song talks about other things related to water that she is born of.

Rachel Tsoil y a 6 ans

the words are in Dine' (navajo), western dialect, and are about recognizing that she is a child of water and honors water and its qualities.